GLB Mannequin Kit

GLB Mannequin Kit

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All in one package to start your lash career! 

 - 1 x GLB Advanced training mannequin
- 3 x sets of replacement eyelids
- 1 x GLB Fast dry lash glue
- 1 x GLB Gel glue remover
- 2 x Goldlashbar premium lash trays (0.07mm & 0.20mm thickness)
- 2 x rolls of 3M tape (transpore / micropore)
- 3 x pairs of lip masks
- 3 x stainless steel tweezers (classic/straight/volume )
- 1 x pair of stainless steel scissors.

 **Due to the COVID-19 related delays, tweezers may not be exactly as showing.

**OPTIONAL: Your choice of Vanilla or Chocolate advanced training mannequin