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The Secret To My Success

is the existence of Premium GLB Lash Glue that our customer will always appreciate!

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  • Very comfortable lashes to wear.

    I am very sensitive around the eyes to glues, etc. but I am quite happy that I have experienced no irritation at all with this application as opposed to previous experience with other lash technicians.

    Jaiden Bonville

  • I'm in love

    with my new hybrid eyelash extensions! 😍Rachel is amazing as what she does and she's such a nice person! I've received a lot of compliments on my lashes and makes my morning routine effortless.

    Jessica Stajic

  • Five Star Rating

    The best lash place

    I have found in Langley! I’ve had my lashes done by Rachel, she is amazing, very knowledgeable about her job. My eyelashes are beautiful and I get compliments all the time, they look natural!

    Karen D.

  • I’ve been going to Rachel for years!

    She is so talented and takes care of all my lash needs. My lashes are clean and have good retention. I highly recommend her.

    Danielle Campa

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The Secret to Lash Retention? ...Hygiene.

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50% OFF > Rainbow Tweezers

50% OFF Tweezer Sale

Goldlashbar's Signature Tweezer collection. A fan favourite for years, our rainbow tweezers... 


Those 3 pairs of lash tweezers are all you need to run your lash salon. And because they are surgical grade stainless steel, they last for EVER!

These rainbow tweezers are Rach's ALL-TIME favourite!

They are very light weight to avoid your hand fatique, top quality precision for an easy pick. AND they are also rust-free to last for ever!

  • Eyelash Extension Tweezers | Eyelash Tweezer Set | Goldlashbar

    Volume Lash Extension Tweezers

    Very precise and easy to pick multiple lash extensions at once.

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  • Eyelash Extension Tweezers | Eyelash Tweezer Set | Goldlashbar

    Straight Lash Extension Tweezers

    Hight quality solid but light weighted tweezers for an easy lash isolation

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  • Lash Extension Tweezers

    Curved Lash Extension Tweezers

    High precision is a must to pick a hair of lash extensions for an easy classic lash application.

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  • Five Star Rating

    This is a great book for

    anyone interested in doing eyelash extensions. It’s very detailed, so even if you are certified from another Lash establishment. There is always something you can learn. You will have better knowledge of your craft.


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  • Five Star Rating

    Extremely informative.

    I paid for a class and learned more in this book than I did in the class. I will definitely be using this manual. It was definitely worth the read!


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  • Five Star Rating

    Very Informative.

    It’s really helpful. I feel myself confident.


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Eyelash Extension Mastery

Eyelash Extension Mastery

In this ONLINE training program Rach shares all of her secret formula to run a successful home lash studio. This program is NOT for everyone. It is too easy to do but also too easy not to do.

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