GLB mannequin

Say goodbye to cheap immitations, messy eyelash strips, and the pressure of working with live models by ordering your #GLBmannequin now!

Engineered with patented technology to match human eyelid movement

The realistic eyelids in our mannequin have real eyelashes built right in and are lash glue & remover proof! While other copycat mannequins have synthetic or mink lash strips glued to rubber eyelids which makes them single use. Our mannequins and eyelids are 100% re-usable and because we've used real human hair you get the most realistic experience as if you're working on a real live client and the outcome will be exactly the same. 

Replacement Eyelids

✅ Realistic Eyelids Movement

✅ 100% Reusable & Lash a Lifetime

✅ Practice Anywhere, Anytime

Everything You Need To Become A Successful Lash Artist!!

After many years of doing eyelash extensions, Master Lash Artist Rachael Kado has discovered the Secret formula which took Goldlashbar from a home based Lash Studio to a Global Eyelash Extension Empire! And Now she is sharing ALL of her Secrets with you... 

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GLB Masks

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All of our Face Masks are custom-made-to-order and handcrafted to the highest quality standards. Add style and personality to your wardrobe with a custom printed face mask! Constructed from a super soft polyester blend that is comfortable and won't irritate your skin. Features adjustable ear loop buckles and an optional... read more