-Shipping, Returns, or Exchanges

**Shipping charges are not refunded for pre-orders items that are returned**

**Customer is responsible to pay return shipping fees unless the products returned are defective**

Which area do you deliver your products? Europe, Asia Australia, US, Canada, Newzeland, UK, etc…..??

Yes, we are global, so you can order our products and we will ship anywhere you like.

PLEASE NOTE: Orders placed from outside of North America may incur customs or import fees. We are not responsible for this fee. Customs/import fees are the responsibility of the importer/purchaser.

How much is your shipping and how long does it take?

It depends on which country you want us to send it. Your Preferred Shipping options will show up at checkout. The shipping price varies by size and weight. PLEASE NOTE THAT OVERSEAS ORDERS MAY BE CHARGED A CUSTOMS FEE UPON DELIVERY. THIS FEE IS NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF GOLDLASHBAR. THIS FEE IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PURCHASER/IMPORTER. GOLDLASHBAR WILL NOT REFUND THIS FEE.

Where can I find my tracking number?

You can find “Track my package” on navigation bar. There are 2 links where you can track your package with your tracking numbers.

Which website do I use to track my package with my tracking numbers?

Usually you can use Your local post provider website or a global tracking website, OR you can just go to our Home Page and navigate to “track my package” on the Menu Bar.

How soon will you ship my order?

If your order was made before 3pm PST, it will be processed on the same day it was placed. If you placed an order over the weekend or holiday, we will ship by the following business day. Packages are picked up by the driver by 4pm PST daily.

Where can I enter/submit my coupon/discount code?

There’s an input box on the checkout page for you to enter your “CODE”. Once you enter the code the total amount of your order will be updated.

Is there a Discount Code for first time buyers?

There’s no specific code for a first time buyer, however, if you sign up on our mailing list, we will continuously inform and update you whenever we have an upcoming promotion or special pricing. If you are not on our mailing list, sign up now to start getting deals delivered directly to your inbox! (jump to mail subscription page)

Do all of your products come from the same place?

All Goldlashbar brand products, Including our Premium Mannequins & replacement eyelids will be shipped from Canada. 

Will all the items in my order arrive together? Why did I receive multiple tracking numbers?

Because we have multiple distribution centers, your items may be shipped separately. If you ordered Goldlashbar brand products, ie: Premium Mannequins, replacement eyelids, lash trays, tweezers or glue, they will be shipped from Canada. If one location is sold out of a specific item we can have it shipped from an alternate location.

If my order arrived damaged, can I get money back/ Will my item be replaced?

Yes, we guarantee all orders will arrive in perfect condition. If not , your orders are insured. If you receive a damaged package, please take a detailed photo of it and email to info@goldlashbar.com and we will make sure you receive a new item asap.

I’m not happy with my order, Can I get a refund?

We have a satisfaction Guarantee, If you are not happy, simply contact us at info@goldlashbar.com within 7 days of receiving it, then return your unused product for a full refund of your purchase price. All SALE items are final sale, If the item you purchased is a SALE item unfortunately we will not offer you a refund.


Do you teach classes in-person or Online?

Currently we only offer online training. However once enrolled, you will have unlimited access to your lessons for as long as they are available. You will be notified within 60 days of any major changes.

What skill level is needed to take your online training program?

Our Training program is an Entry level Classic application and basic Russian volume application course as well as the basics of how to start an eyelash extension business. There is no required skill level, however you may need to apply for a certain licence depending on where you are from. You can contact your local health authority for more information.

What does your online training course teach?

The core Fundamentals of classic and russian volume lash application. We focus on building your basic skills and knowledge about the lash business as well as health and safety. We also cover how to start taking lash clients and how to accommodate your clients in your lash salon.

Does your training come with a certification?

There’s a couple different options for your convenience. These options are: Training Only (no assignments are required), Training with certification (assignments required for grading), Training with supplies & certification. If you decide to choose an option with certification, You will be Goldlashbar Certified after you complete all of your assignments and training lessons and a certified instructor has approved your work. Go to see eyelashextensionsecrets.com for more detail.

How can I get your training manual?
Where can I find your training kits?

You can find our training kit from this page

How can I get to my student Login page?

You can go back to HOME & find the login on the right top corner. Or Click here to jump to the login page…

Does the supply kit include everything I need to start your training course?

Yes, our “Online Training Kit” comes with everything you need to finish the online training.

- Premium Mannequins

Does your training mannequin have multiple layers of lashes on it’s eyelids?

Our premium mannequin’s eyelids are very similar to a real human eyelids, they have 3 different lengths of lashes simulating each of the different growth stages. The eyelids have eyelashes made from real hair & you will feel just like you are practicing on a live model. Please see what other people are saying about our mannequins.

Does your training come with the Premium mannequins?

Yes, if you order our Training course WITH supplies & certification, you will receive our premium mannequin and all the supplies needed to finish the training.

Are your interchangeable eyelids re-usable?

Yes, you can use them as many times as you wish... The mannequin and it’s eyelids are completely reusable and are made from very durable medical grade materials. To reuse just have to do removal with your favourite glue remover and then a quick clean to make it brand new again

How many times can I re-use my interchangeable eyelids?

As many times as you wish. However, you may find their curls get looser as you continue to use it.

Can I buy just the interchangeable eyelids?

Yes you can buy just the eyelids but they will not fit a regular mannequin. They only fit on our exclusive advanced training mannequin. 

Can I trim my mannequin's eyelashes? The Inner-corner & outer-corner are too long…

Yes, the eyelids are designed so you can leave them as is OR you can trim them to whichever size you wish to work on. However, Goldlashbar is not responsible if you damage your eyelids or cut them too short.



Please note: If your are ordering from outside of Canada / USA you may be charged an import/customs fee. This is not the responsibility of Goldlashbar and we will not pay or refund the customs/import fees. If you are ordering from outside of Canada or USA please check with your local post authorities to find out if you will have to pay any customs fees before you place your order.


-Sales and Promotion

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