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A Lashpreneurial Journey

When she first discovered eyelash extensions, Rachael knew they would somehow be the key to her freedom. She struggled at first to find a top eyelash artist who could teach her the level of skill she was looking for. And at the time there weren't any lash manuals or training courses that were readily available. So Rachael was forced to wait months to learn from Top Rated Lash instructors who would come from different countries for local seminars.

This was clearly not working out for her, so she came up with the idea to find the best lash artist she could and then would try to learn from her. At First, she went to local lash salons to see how much their services would cost, to check the quality of their lash products, as well as their level of customer service. Rachael then compared their service quality with a girl she had found who was doing eyelash extensions from home, and immediately found that she provided a higher level of customer care. So she decided to become one of her regular clients, before working up the courage to ask if she would teach her these skills.

Every time she booked a lash appointment with her new lash artist, Rachael had a speech prepared that she planned to use to coerce her into becoming her instructor. But Rach could never get the words out, because she was worried that her favorite lash lady might get offended or think that she would try to steal her clients away as they both lived in the same area of the city. Rachael was also worried that she would refuse to take her on as a client. Let's just be clear, this woman's lash skills were far beyond the average lash artist, her lashing speed and lash retention were also unheard of at the time and she really did not want to mess up a good situation.

It took Rachael over a year until she finally worked up the courage to ask if she would be willing to expose all her secrets and become her trainer.... and then the perfect opportunity finally presented itself...One day Rachael had called to book a lash appointment only to find out that her beloved lash lady was no longer offering her services. At first, Rachael was very shocked to be losing her and was very disappointed that she missed the chance to ask her to the question she had waited so long to ask. But she soon realised that his would the perfect opportunity...

She actually was very happy and agreed to be her teacher and Rachael was very excited too, because every time she got her lashes done they would always last up to 4 weeks and would look absolutely flawless every single time! Rach couldn't wait to get started and when she finally did, it was like she was learning from a lash 'JEDI' ... her lessons were all very simple and easy to follow, yet they very effective. And Eventually her Rich knowledge and deep understanding ultimately helped to bring Rachael over 700 clients who literally begged to be squeezed into her tight schedule!

Rach also managed to keep only the quality clients that truly appreciated her lash services, So she never had to worry about getting enough work because she always had new referrals from her happy clients. And that is all because she followed the exact same strategy that her 'JEDI' instructor had been using all along.

Because of her amazing lash retention, perfect application skills and the amount of money she was making, Rachael's clients started asking if she could teach them her winning strategy. That's when Rachael decided to get her partner involved and together they would write and publish all her eyelash extension secrets in a big book of lash knowledge. They could help people understand the fundamentals and the science behind her secret eyelash extension application process & longer lash retention. That was the beginning of when Des joined Rach to form the GOLDLASHBAR team!

Because of what Des had learned from helping Rach to write her book, he became an expert in the formula behind the perfect application process and slowly began getting more involved in the business. Soon they began to teach these concepts to other people just like them who
started from nothing and learned their secret to become successful lash artists.
They truly have something special!

And now, because they believe that TRUE SUCCESS comes from helping other people, they have created the #eyelashextensionsecrets online training system!

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