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A Lashpreneurial Journey

When she first discovered eyelash extensions, Rachael knew they would somehow be the key to her freedom. At first she struggled to find a top rated eyelash extension artist who would teach her the level of skill she was looking for.

At the time (circa 2014) there weren't many lash artists around and even less training manuals OR training courses that were readily available. So Rachael was forced to wait months to learn from Lash instructors who would come in from different countries to attend local lash seminars.

However this was not really working out for her, So Rachael came up with the idea that she would try to find the best local lash artist and then learn what she could from her.

At First, Rachael went to some local lash salons just to see how much their services cost, check the quality of their lash products, and their level of customer service. Then Rachael compared their service quality with a girl she had found locally who was doing eyelash extensions from home. Rachael immediately noticed that she provided a much higher level of customer care and attention to detail then decided to become one of her regular clients, before working up the courage to ask if she would teach her these skills.

Every time Rachael booked a lash appointment with her new lash artist, she had a speech prepared which she planned to use to convince her to become her personal lash instructor. However, because she was worried that her favourite lash artist may get offended or maybe she would think Rachael would try to steal her clients since they lived in the same areas, Rachael could never get the words out. Rachael was also worried that she might refuse to continue taking take her on as a client. (Let's just be clear, this woman's lash skills were far beyond the average lash artist, her lashing speed and lash retention were also unheard of at the time So Rachael really did not want to mess up a good situation.)

It eventually took Rachael over a year until she finally worked up the courage to go forward with asking her beloved Lash Artist to expose all her secrets and become her own personal Lash Instructor....

and then the perfect opportunity finally presented itself...

One day Rachael had called to book a lash appointment only to find that her beloved Lash Artist was no longer offering any services! And at first, Rachael was very shocked and disappointed that she may have missed the chance to ask her  But she soon realized that this would be the perfect opportunity!

She was actually very happy to share her knowledge and agreed to be her teacher. Rachael was very excited too, because every time she got her lashes done they would always last at least at least 4 weeks and they would look absolutely flawless every single time!

Rachael couldn't wait to get started and when she finally did, it was like she was learning from a 'JEDI' Lash Master ... The lessons were all very simple and so easy to follow, yet they were very effective. It was like a dream come true! They spent the next few weekends pouring over everything she could possibly learn.

Eventually her rich knowledge and deep understanding of the lash application process helped to bring Rachael over 700 clients who were literally begging to be squeezed into her tight schedule! It was almost too easy... 

Since Rachael also managed to keep only the quality clients that truly appreciated her one of a kind lash services, she never had to worry about getting enough work because she was always getting new referrals from all of her happy clients.

All this is because she followed the exact same strategy that her 'JEDI' instructor had been using all along. Simple but effective!

Because of her amazing talent, unheard of lash retention, perfect application skills and the amount of money she was making, Many of Rachael's clients started asking if she could also teach them her winning strategy  So That's when Rachael decided to get her partner involved and together they would go on to write and publish a big book of all her lash knowledge called Eyelash Extension Secrets. so they could help people understand the fundamentals and the science behind her secret eyelash extension application process & longer lash retention. 

And because of what Des had learned from helping Rachael to write her book, he became an expert in the formula behind the perfect application process and slowly began getting more involved in the business. Soon they began to teach these concepts to other people just like them who started from nothing and learned their secret to become successful lash artists.
They truly have something special!

And now, because they believe that TRUE SUCCESS comes from helping others, they have launched the Eyelash Extension Mastery online training system which is based on the formula behind Eyelash Extension Secrets! And Since then they have trained thousands of successful lash artists and lash educators all across the globe!

We have dedicated our lives to providing the highest quality lash products and educational information available. 

If you are interested in becoming a certified eyelash extension artist please visit our training page here:  https://training.goldlashbar.com

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