What is Goldlashbar?

by Rachael Kado

Goldlashbar is the leading supplier of Premium Eyelash Extension products and the most innovative educational content and tools such as our Goldlashbar Exclusive PremiumTraining Mannequin engineered to be the most realistic training experience available. Also featuring it's 6pcs Interchangeable Eyelids. Goldlashbar is striving for customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality eyelash extension products and tools to help eyelash artists have a better lashing experience. We know how stressful it is to deal with low quality lash tools and this is why we have researched and developed some of the best and most innovative tools and products available anywhere.

To find out more about our latest tool collection or learn some of the latest tricks and lash tips you can go to our Goldlashbar Instagram we post 5~30 second tutorial videos showing how we use all of these trendy and very helpful lashing tools and related products! 

 Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions related to eyelash extensions and/or the application/preapplication/removal/customer service/fills/safety procedures etc... We love to hear your input and get feedback from all of our clients and fans!

email: info@goldlashbar.com