Uncover Your "Why": My Journey to a Happy Job

Uncover Your "Why": My Journey to a Happy Job

  • Tax Troubles: Taxes took too much of my money, and I wanted to keep more of it.
  • No Boss Blues: I didn't want a younger boss yelling at me when I'm older.
  • Flexible Freedom: I wanted a schedule that fit what I like to do.
  • Passion Quest: I wanted a job that made me super happy every single day.
  • Good Karma: I wanted to do something good and spread happiness.

Then, one day at work, I met a girl with the most amazing eyelashes I've ever seen! She was so happy with what she did that it made me think, "I want to feel that too!"

That meeting changed everything. I learned about making eyelashes look beautiful, and I loved it! It made me happy to make others feel confident.

Now, I get to do what I love, have my own business, make my own schedule, and feel happy every day! It's like having good luck or good karma.

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