Top 3 Inner Corner Lash Hacks for Lightweight, Lifted, and Subtle Application

Top 3 Inner Corner Lash Hacks for Lightweight, Lifted, and Subtle Application

Are you looking to master the art of applying lash extensions to the inner corners with finesse and precision? As a lash artist, achieving a seamless and comfortable result in this delicate area requires special attention. Fear not, for we have compiled the top three inner corner lash hacks to elevate your technique and leave your clients feeling fabulous.

  1. Choose Lightweight Extensions:

One of the most critical aspects of inner corner lash application is selecting the right extensions. Opt for ultra-lightweight lash extensions that won't weigh down the delicate inner corner lashes. These lightweight extensions ensure a comfortable wear for your clients and contribute to a natural-looking finish. By minimizing drag and discomfort, lightweight extensions enhance the overall lash experience and promote long-term satisfaction.

  1. Tape Up the Inner Corner Lash Area for Gentle Lift and Separation:

For precise and effortless application in the inner corners, tape can be your secret weapon. Begin by delicately taping up the inner corner lash area, gently lifting the lashes to create separation and provide better access. This simple yet effective technique not only enhances visibility but also ensures that each lash extension is meticulously placed for optimal coverage and symmetry. By taping up the inner corner, you can navigate the area with ease, preventing lashes from sticking together and achieving a flawless result. 

  1. Ideal Length: 7mm~ for Subtle Look:

When it comes to inner corner lash extensions, shorter is often sweeter. Opt for very short length extensions, ideally around 7mm, to achieve a subtle and natural look. Shorter lengths help maintain the integrity of the inner corner lashes without overwhelming the eye. By choosing shorter extensions, you can ensure a comfortable fit and prevent any discomfort for your clients. Embrace the beauty of simplicity with shorter lengths and let your inner corner lashes shine.

In conclusion, mastering inner corner lash application requires a combination of technique, precision, and attention to detail. By selecting lightweight extensions, utilizing tape for inner corner lift, and opting for shorter lengths, you can elevate your lash game to new heights. Embrace these top three inner corner lash hacks and watch as your clients' eyes light up with delight.


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