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Things About Lash Adhesive

Things about Lash Adhesive

Are you looking for an all around lash adhesive that gives you consistent results you can rely on? Our client/customers favourite, The Original PRO Eyelash Adhesive from Goldlashbar is exactly what you need!

This highly reviewed and praised adhesive starts off so silky & smooth then dries to create a strong, seamless, flexible bond without the chunky mess! With an average dry time of  less than -1 second, which allows you to work much faster without gluing your lashes together! Your clients will thank you.

** Also comes with a convenient nozzle pin** 

5ml bottle


  • Retention - up to 8 weeks
  • Ideal humidity range: 40 - 60%
  • Ideal temperature range:
    • 59 degrees Fahrenheit - 86 degrees Fahrenheit
    • 15 degrees Celsius - 30 degrees Celsius
  • Viscosity: thin & smooth
  • Dry time: - 1 second
  • Low fumes
  • Shelf life: 3-6 months if unopened
  • Shelf life: 4 - 6 weeks once opened
  • ***Do not refrigerate or freeze***

Recommended Use: 

Great for Classic, Volume, Hybrid and Mega Volume. It is especially helpful for Mega Volume and Volume where you need a faster drying glue that will not "wick" or "leech" up the stem of your fans causing them to close. This glue is recommended for moderate to advanced lash artists.

 If you are at the beginning of your lash journey you may want to wait  until you are more confident before trying this adhesive. Though it is not impossible, it may be easier to learn using a slower setting adhesive.


Always keep your nozzle clean by carefully wiping the tip with lint free wipe or pad after you dispense each and every drop. This adhesive is very strong and can get clogged or you can glue the lid on if any of the adhesive is left to dry on the nozzle.

Always store your tightly closed adhesive upright, in a cool, dark, dry place away from direct sunlight. It is also helpful to store them in an air tight container with silica packs or even use uncooked rice to draw away excess humidity. You must make sure that you shake your adhesive vigorously (preferably using a mechanical glue shaker) for up to 2-3 minutes at the beginning of your work day. All the Ingredients must be adequately mixed for the adhesive to perform as advertised. Remember to shake your adhesive for at least 10 seconds every time you dispense a new droplet and always be sure to dispense a new drop of adhesive every 10-20 minutes even if you don't think its necessary. Ultimately the temperature and humidity of your room will dictate how often you need to dispense a new droplet. You always want your glue to be a deep black color. If it is turning white or you see greyish spots forming, dispense a new drop even if it isn't time to do so. 

Your environment is another factor that must be controlled in order to see the full potential of your adhesive. Keep track of your humidity and temperature using our digital Hygrometer. You may need to use humidifiers or dehumidifiers to keep your lash station within the desired humidity range. Ensure that all your  doors and windows are closed if you are having trouble keeping humidity levels up.

Trouble Shooting Tips

Q. Why is my Glue is taking too long to dry??

A. You can try to Raise your humidity levels. Add more humidifiers - using warm water humidifiers work best. You may also need to try turning on your humidifiers up to an hour before your first appointment to allow time to reach the correct humidity levels in you room. You may also try swiping your lash strip once with Contact Solution which will add a bit of moisture. Do not over-saturate.

Q. I think my Glue is drying way too fast!! It's dry before I even get to the lash!

A. Try Lowering your humidity. Dispense a new drop of adhesive onto your glue tray or jade stone more often. If you are new to lashing this adhesive may dry too fast for you right now, Try to use a slower setting adhesive.

Q. My Glue is sticky, stringy or gooey.

A. Your glue may have spoiled because of exposure to higher temperatures, direct sunlight, moisture, or it needs to be switched out for a new bottle because it has been open for over 4 weeks. make sure to label your glue with a time stamp on the day you open it in order to keep these times accurate.

Q. My Glue has separated, I can see clear and black layers!

A. Your glue either needs to be shaken or it has spoiled due to exposure to high temperatures, moisture or it has been open for over 4 weeks.

Q. I have retention issues! Is it the glue!?

A. If your environment is controlled, humidity and temperature levels are in the correct range, glue is shaken for 2-3 minutes, glue drops refreshed every 10-20 minutes, your client's arrive with clean lashes etc, we still cannot always pinpoint the problem easily. It may be that your glue has spoiled - you can look for signs like separation, stringiness, gooey-ness, or you can check the reminder label you made to see if your glue has been open for longer than 4 weeks. 

It may also be that the glue is drying too fast for your current confidence and lashing speed. If the glue is already partially dry when attempting to place the lash, your retention will not be good at all. The lashes must be placed quickly to ensure a strong bond.

Ask your clients about the skin care products they use on their face and eyelids. Creams or oily based products, makeup or makeup removers, etc can lead to poor lash retention. Excessive rubbing, picking and crying can all affect retention as well. Poor hygiene like not washing their lashes and wearing prolonged eye makeup are other factors contributing to decreased retention. So be sure to educate your clients on good hygienic habits including washing their lashes often with cleanser and soft brush.

Hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, change in birth control, menopause, etc can negatively affect retention. Other causes are extreme dieting, stress and new sleep patterns, shedding during change of seasons and more.


This Glue is meant for use by certified professional eyelash extension artists and educators Only. If you are not a certified eyelash extension artist you are not permitted to use this product.

Goldlashbar is not responsible for any harm or injury caused by the use or misuse of this product

By purchasing this product you assume all responsibility and accept the risks involved with the intended use of this product.

Please use caution when using this product. Permanent Blindness and other Serious damage may occur if not used properly. Do not let this product come into contact with the eyes, skin or any other part of the body other than eyelashes. This product is intended for bonding eyelash extensions directly to the natural eyelashes ONLY and should not be used for any other purposes.

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