The impact of humidity on lash retention

The impact of humidity on lash retention

Humidity plays a pivotal role in lash health and retention. Understanding its influence is key to maintaining stunning lash extensions. Let's uncover how humidity affects lash retention and strategies to combat its effects for lasting lash beauty.

Understanding Humidity's Role

  1. Impact on Adhesive: High humidity can slow adhesive curing, affecting bond strength and retention.
  2. Hydration Balance: Extreme humidity levels may cause natural lashes to retain excess moisture, impacting extension adherence.

Strategies for Humidity Challenges

  1. Adhesive Adaptation: Adjust adhesive usage and curing times based on humidity levels for optimal bonding.
  2. Priming Lashes: Use oil-controlling primers to manage natural lash moisture in high humidity.

Combatting Low Humidity

  1. Hydration Boost: Recommend lash-friendly hydrating mists to counterbalance dryness.
  2. Avoiding Over-Drying: Advise clients to limit exposure to indoor heating in low-humidity environments.

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