Tailoring Retention Strategies for Clients with Oily Skin

Tailoring Retention Strategies for Clients with Oily Skin

For clients with oily skin, achieving optimal lash retention requires specialized techniques to counter the challenges posed by excess oil. Discover effective strategies tailored to ensure lasting and comfortable lash extensions for those with oil-prone skin.

Addressing Oil-Related Challenges

Clients with oily skin often encounter retention issues due to excess oil affecting lash adhesive bonds. Here's how to adjust retention techniques for them:

  1. Pre-Treatment Solutions: Use specialized primers to control oil on the lashes before application, enhancing adhesive bonding.

  2. Adhesive Selection: Opt for adhesives designed to withstand oily conditions, ensuring a robust bond between natural lash and extension.

  3. Thorough Cleansing Routine: Advocate for meticulous cleansing using oil-free cleansers to remove excess oil and debris, improving retention.

  4. Precision Isolation: Pay close attention to isolating natural lashes during application to prevent contact with excess oil from the skin.

  5. Reduced Extension Density: Apply fewer extensions per natural lash to lessen overall weight and minimize strain caused by oiliness.

  6. Educational Aftercare: Stress the importance of avoiding oil-based products near the eyes and using oil-free eye makeup for better retention.

  7. Regular Maintenance: Schedule more frequent fills to address potential lash fallout caused by oiliness, maintaining a consistently full lash look.

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Enhancing lash retention for clients with oily skin demands specialized expertise. Our upcoming Online Lash Training Program offers comprehensive insights and techniques tailored to address diverse client needs, including those with oil-prone skin.

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