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The Secret to Longer Lash Retention

The Secret to Longer Lash Retention

When It comes to lash retention, there are so many "tricks" and "secret sauces" or people saying "use this glue" and "that glue" all the way up to secret lash serums and special sealers! It's more than enough to make your head spin! 🙃 

So I am here to tell you a little secret... It's not as complicated as you think! Shhhhhhh,  I have been in the lash business for the better part of 10 years now and I can honestly say, more than anything else, clean lashes equals strong healthy lashes and strong healthy lashes also means longer lash retention!

I know, it almost sounds too simple... So let me explain.

Although I never actually kept any official records, I actually completed a little experiment of my own a while back to see if I could notice the difference in retention if I got each of the lash artists in our lash studio to either excessively clean, moderately clean or just clean as they would regularly. 

***DISCLAIMER: All of our Lash Artist/Employees were trained from new, using our Eyelash Extension Mastery Online training method and the lash applications in our experiment were completed in a controlled environment using willing participants*** Individual results may vary.

To my amazement, we actually seen some pretty remarkable results!

When one of our girls did her regular cleaning routine  (1x shampoo bath and a rinse) we saw an average of 4-6 weeks retention using our goldlashbar adhesive and our "secret" lash shampoo and a nice rinse.

The Girl who was moderately excessive with her cleaning (2x shampoo baths and a nice rinse) we seen a great increase in retention from then regular cleaning method, up from 6 all the way to 8 weeks on average retention!.. We literally changed nothing except adding in the extra shampoo bath before the rinse.

And without a doubt we seen the best results,  (almost double the retention time all the way up to 10 weeks on average) when we cleaned our clients lashes religiously (3x shampoo baths- before we gave them a nice good rinse then we handed the client a warm cloth to use so they can give their own lashes a final wipe before we started their application.)

This is one trick I would not hesitate to try because it costs nothing, it is completely safe and you literally don't have anything to lose!

Do I smell a challenge??? Let's see what happens! Tag us @goldlashbar in your 

#GLB3Xclean Challenge posts!

Try it out for yourself and let us know how it works for you?!


(We give away our secret shampoo recipe for FREE in our EEM Online Lash Training Program ) or you can buy it from HERE.

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