Reconnecting and Moving Forward: A Message to My EEM Graduates (Online Lash Training)

Reconnecting and Moving Forward: A Message to My EEM Graduates (Online Lash Training)

Hi Joie,

Your message truly brightened my day! It means a lot to hear from a former student, especially someone who found value in the online class. Thank you for reaching out and for your concern during the time my Instagram went silent.

Yes, those were challenging times when my account vanished into the Instagram abyss. Losing almost 70k followers and years of content without a proper explanation was as shocking for me as it was for you. The disappearance stemmed from what I believe was an unfair instance of receiving multiple music violation strikes, which I hadn't used without proper permissions. Despite my appeals, there was no response from Instagram, leaving me in a state of confusion and frustration.

But, as they say, the show must go on. After years of contemplating a comeback and persistent determination, I decided to forge ahead with a fresh account under I wanted to continue sharing my expertise and passion for lashes, building a community of learners despite the setback.

I'm thrilled to reconnect with you and other students, carrying forward over a decade of experience in the lash industry. Teaching what I've learned has been a fulfilling journey, and the support from students like you keeps me inspired.

Thank you for remembering, Joie, and for taking the time to reconnect. Let's definitely keep in touch! If there's anything related to lashes or beyond that you'd like to explore, don't hesitate to reach out.

Warm regards,

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