Preserving Perfect Lashes: The Impact of Client Habits

Preserving Perfect Lashes: The Impact of Client Habits

Client habits play a significant role in maintaining the allure of lash extensions. Let's explore how certain behaviors post-application can affect lash retention and ways to foster better habits for enduring lash beauty.

The Challenge: Client Habits

  1. Touching and Rubbing: Constant touching or rubbing of lashes can disrupt the adhesive bond, leading to premature shedding.

  2. Oil-Based Products: Usage of oil-based makeup removers or cosmetics can weaken the adhesive, compromising lash retention.

Nurturing Ideal Habits

  1. Client Education: Educate clients on post-application habits, emphasizing the importance of gentle care and avoiding unnecessary touching.

  2. Product Recommendations: Recommend oil-free makeup removers and cosmetics, ensuring they align with lash extension care.

Join Us for Lash Mastery

Curious about fostering better client habits for lasting lash beauty? Our upcoming Online Lash Training Program dives deep into client education and retention strategies.

Your Path to Perfect Lashes Begins Here

Client habits impact lash retention. Join us to master the art of fostering ideal post-application behaviors for enduring lash extensions.

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