Mastering Lash Retention for Glasses Wearers

Mastering Lash Retention for Glasses Wearers

For those who adore both stylish glasses and flawless lash extensions, maintaining lash retention might seem challenging. Here are expert tips tailored specifically for glasses wearers, ensuring your lash extensions remain stunning even behind your frames.

Understanding the Glasses-Lash Interaction

Wearing glasses can occasionally pose challenges for lash retention due to potential friction or contact with the frames. However, with the right care, you can preserve your lash extensions effortlessly.

Tailored Retention Tips for Glasses Wearers

  1. Frame Selection Wisdom: Opt for glasses with thinner frames or styles that sit further from the eyes to reduce friction with lash extensions.

  2. Gentle Frame Handling: Practice careful handling when wearing or removing glasses, avoiding gripping the lenses to prevent tugging on lash extensions.

  3. Regular Glasses Cleaning: Maintain a clean routine for your glasses to prevent oil or debris transfer onto the lashes, which could affect retention.

  4. Optician Assistance: Periodic visits to adjust frames ensure they sit comfortably without pressing against or affecting lash extensions.

  5. Lash-Friendly Products: Choose eye makeup free from oils or heavy creams near the eyes to avoid compromising lash adhesion.

  6. Consultation with Your Lash Artist: Discuss your glasses during your lash appointments to receive personalized aftercare guidance and suitable lash style recommendations.

  7. Consistent Lash Maintenance: Schedule routine refill appointments to uphold a full lash look despite any interaction with glasses.

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