Lash Retention Myths Debunked

Lash Retention Myths Debunked

In the world of lash extensions, myths often cloud the truth about retention. Let's clear the air and debunk common myths surrounding lash retention, guiding you toward accurate information for maintaining stunning lash longevity.

Myth #1: Lashes Last Indefinitely

Truth: Lash extensions have a lifespan dictated by the natural lash growth cycle. Refills are essential to maintain a full lash look.

Myth #2: More Glue Means Better Retention

Truth: Excessive adhesive can hinder retention. Proper application with the right amount is crucial for longevity.

Myth #3: Waterproof Mascara Is Safe

Truth: Waterproof mascaras often contain oils that can weaken adhesive bonds, leading to quicker lash fallout.

Myth #4: Lashes Don't Shed Naturally with Extensions

Truth: Natural lash shedding is normal, even with extensions. Lashes fall out as part of the natural growth cycle.

Myth #5: Regular Mascara Can Be Used on Extensions

Truth: Mascara with oil-based ingredients can compromise the adhesive bond and retention.

Myth #6: Allergic Reactions Occur Immediately

Truth: Allergic reactions might not manifest instantly. Patch tests are crucial to identify potential allergies.

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