Basic Understanding of Eyelash Extensions

by Rachael Kado

“Eyelash Extensions come in a wide variety of length, curls, thicknesses, materials, and of course, many different colors. Whether an eyelash tech is an amateur or a professional will be very obvious, you can see right away how the artist presents their work (..taught here in GLB online training program). An amateur lash artist will leave hairs pointing in several directions, looking unorganized and unnatural, whereas a professional lash artist will glue the hairs in an organised manner according to length and curl, leaving a full, natural, fan like look. Most importantly, people will compliment  you or your lashes if they are done by a talented lash artist.” If you are not confident in your basic lashing skills, you can learn how to enhance your talent with our GLB onlinetraining course.

-Rachael Kado