“Eyelash Extensions fall off in 1 week! please help”

“Eyelash Extensions fall off in 1 week! please help”

Several factors can affect lash retention after an extension application. Here are some common reasons why lashes might fall out prematurely:

  1. Inadequate Prep: Poorly cleansed natural lashes or oily residue can hinder the adhesive's bond, causing extensions to fall off faster.

  2. Adhesive Quality: Low-quality adhesives or incorrect adhesive usage can result in weaker bonds, leading to quick lash fallout.

  3. Improper Isolation: Inadequate isolation of natural lashes before extension application can cause lashes to stick together, resulting in premature shedding.

  4. Humidity & Temperature: Extreme humidity or temperature fluctuations during the application process may impact adhesive curing and weaken the bond.

  5. Aftercare: Inaccurate aftercare instructions or lack of proper care can cause lashes to fall out sooner than expected.

  6. Natural Lash Growth Cycle: Lashes naturally shed as part of the growth cycle. If extensions are applied to lashes nearing the end of their cycle, they might fall out more quickly.

  7. Client Habits: Touching, rubbing, or using oil-based products on lashes post-application can compromise retention.

Ensuring proper cleansing, using high-quality adhesives, meticulous isolation, maintaining optimal application conditions, providing accurate aftercare instructions, and educating clients about care habits are crucial in enhancing lash retention and avoiding premature fallout.

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