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Should you wear eyelash growth serum while having eyelash extensions on? IMHO

Should you wear eyelash growth serum while having eyelash extensions on? IMHO

Although some of our clients choose to use eyelash growth serum, it is not a requirement during the lash application process at Goldlashbar.

But there are some people who feel like it makes their natural lashes stronger while they are wearing eyelash extensions, which they think leads to longer lash retention...

This is not a proven fact, but I say "to each their own".

In My Humble Opinion, as long as your eyelash growth serum is oil-free, you are more than welcome to use it on your lashes everyday. Whether you wear eyelash extensions or not!

However, if you have been wearing eyelash extensions for a while and you feel like you need a rest, you may want to give your natural lashes a break for up to 4~6 weeks.

***BEWARE, removing your eyelash extensions after prolonged use may cause you to feel like a naked baby for the first couple of days... just know that this is a completely natural feeling and it will eventually fade over time, Don't worry you still look wonderful! (LOL) xxoo

And If you don't want to shell out half your net worth to try the lash growth serums on the market today we completely understand, since it can be quite pricey.

As an inexpensive alternative you can also try applying some castor oil to your lash line which also works kinda like an eyelash growth serum. 

I don't know, you can try it out for yourself and then you can be the judge! ;)

Hopefully that helps clarify a few things for you... If you have any questions for us or you want to Learn More about any of our Lash Products or Our Online Training Program, You can email us at info@goldlashbar.com 

OR you can fill out the form on our CONTACT US page.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Rach Kado


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