"7 Signs It's Time for a Lash Refill: Reveal the Beauty Within!"

"7 Signs It's Time for a Lash Refill: Reveal the Beauty Within!"

Are you enjoying the fluttery gorgeousness of lash extensions but noticing they're not as luscious as they used to be? Here's a little secret: it's normal to lose around 50% of your extensions after 3-4 weeks. That's the cue to get a refill! Here are seven signs to help you detect when it's time to book your regular maintenance appointment:

1. Thinning Out

If you notice your lash extensions aren't as full as they were when you first got them, it's a clear indication that they're due for a refill. Thinning lashes mean it's time for a touch-up to restore that stunning look.

2. Gaps and Sparse Areas

Do you see gaps or sparser areas among your lash extensions? These spaces indicate the shedding of extensions and signify the need for a maintenance session to fill in those gaps seamlessly.

3. Visible Natural Lashes

When your natural lashes start becoming more visible through the extensions, it's a sign that your lash cycle is progressing, and it's time for a refill to maintain that lush, voluminous look.

4. Reduced Curl or Shape

As your lash extensions age, they might start losing their curl or shape. If you notice them straightening out or losing their original curve, it's time to freshen them up with a refill appointment.

5. Feeling Lighter Than Usual

The weightlessness you initially felt with your lash extensions might start to fade as they shed. Feeling a bit lighter around the lash line? It's a cue to schedule a refill to restore that comfortable feel.

6. Missing the Wow Factor

If your lashes aren't drawing the attention or admiration they used to, it's a sign they need some TLC. A refill can bring back the 'wow' factor and revive your confidence in your stunning look.

7. Approaching the 3-4 Week Mark

Lastly, if you're nearing the 3-4 week milestone since your last lash appointment, it's the perfect time to book your regular maintenance refill to keep your lashes looking their best.

Ready to Maintain Your Stunning Look?

Remember, maintenance is key to keeping your lash extensions looking fresh and fabulous! If you're due for a refill, book your appointment under 'Regular Maintenance' from my menu to keep your lashes enchanting.

Let's keep that captivating look alive! Schedule your regular maintenance refill now to reveal the beauty within.

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