~Eyelash Extension Training Certification (Online)~


Spend $75.00 CAD or more and get free shipping ANYWHERE in CANADA! Valid for every order, every time! *Excludes gift cards.


Spend $75.00 CAD or more and get free shipping ANYWHERE in CANADA! Valid for every order, every time! *Excludes gift cards.

Description of The Online Eyelash Extension Academy

The Online Eyelash Extension Academy or OEEA, is a comprehensive instructional course that details everything you will need to know, firstly, to start out in the industry of Eyelash Extensions, then as an option we can teach you how to strategically create an online eyelash extension business plan and then execute and organize your own eyelash extension business online from the ground up. 

Our class  starts off with the KNOWLEDGE potion of our course, with an introduction into vocabulary, the tools and supplies that are needed for basic classic applications, then lash removal and finally How to keep your workstation safe and sanitary..

We then move into outlining the more advanced articles as well as an introduction to Russian Volume techniques and fan building etc. There will be demonstrations for all applications and we will showcase the different techniques for both 2D-5D applications, The different design styles and the appropriate tweezers for each technique

After teaching application techniques, we will learn about the different types of glues and the hazards we must avoid while using the dangerous chemicals involved with what we do. As well as How to safely use, and how to properly take care of our products.

Then comes the fun stuff… after mastering the knowledge potion, we dive into the SKILLS portion of our course. This is when you will get your chance to use all of the different types of tweezers, scissors, and many other different tools that we use in the eyelash extension trade. There is another small section on safety and how to properly handle your sharp tools around your clients eyes and face, but this is very important.

The Next section is the most important, this is Aftercare and maintenance. We will show you how to make sure you clients get the most out of your service by teaching them how to properly care for and clean their new eyelash extensions. How they should sleep, and also which make-up you can and can’t use once you have eyelash extensions. 

The online course includes the Eyelash Extension starter kit which includes our new Eyelash Extension Training Manual ($100) and all the supplies you need to start doing your own applications.

The Starter Kit includes:
1. A Mannequin Head
2. Two trays of eyelash extensions
3. A 5ml bottle of Goldlashbar Fast Dry Glue
4. A 15ml bottle of Goldlashbar Gel Glue Remover
5. Two rolls of tape (1 roll of micropore tape/1 roll of Trans-pore tape)
6. 1 set of isolation tweezers
7. 1 set of selection tweezers for dominant hand
8. 1 lip mask
9. 1 set of eyepatches
10. A jade pallet
11. 1 sheet of glue stickers
12. A cleaning applicator, a mascara brush, and a micro-brush
13. A manual hand blower to dry glue

14. Eyelash Extension Training Manual

(Total price of starter kit with Training Manual: $285.00 plus tax)

Optional social media marketing crash course! ($250)

Just because you take the eyelash extensions training courses and master your skills, doesn't mean you will automatically get clients who are willing to pay for your services! This is why we teach the basic skills it takes to advertise yourself and build an online presence that will continue to supply you with clients that are happy to pay you for what you do best!

This includes:

-Intro to Instagram and proper hashtag techniques.

-Setting up facebook so you can advertise to your niche

-Tell them with twitter

-Email newsletters

-And finally, how to Blog your way to the top!

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