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Spend Minimum $100.00 CAD (before tax) and get free shipping ANYWHERE in CANADA! Valid for every order, every time!

online training program:

Spend minimum $100.00 CAD (before tax) and get free shipping ANYWHERE in CANADA! Valid for every order, every time!

The GLB Online Eyelash Extension Training Program offers a one of a kind look at Classic and Russian Volume eyelash extension application techniques from the viewpoint of Rachael "Ikue" Kado, Owner of Goldlashbar, 3 x certified Master Eyelash technician and Royal Canadian Lash Championship Bronze Medal Winner. Rachael teaches us how to systematically create and attach Classic ( 1 on 1 ) and 3d, 4d and 5d ( Russian Volume ) lash fans. From learning how to pick up lash extensions and using your different sets of tweezers, to cleaning, taping and removing old and unwanted eyelash extensions. The quick and easy to follow videos teach you everything you need to know about the lash business! That's not all! With The GLB Online Training Program you'll  also get access to our 24 hour LIVE support system. This includes the communication with teachers and students within the program itself, as well as our fully interactive facebook mentorship group. And you get access to it ALL for as long as you wish to use it!

But Wait, there's MORE!  We have 3 great packages for you to choose from.


  First, We have the BASIC package, which includes the Online Training program. Plus you get the 24 hour support system we mentioned earlier, Our brand new 20 page Quick Design Eyelash Extension E Book... And of course we will mail you a hard copy of your GLB training certificate upon your satifactory completion of the program. This package is ideal for someone looking to upgrade or refresh their current knowledge and skills, or just to recieve a double certification.

Next, we have the PRO package. Which is an upgrade and for just $100 more, you'll get everything you'd get with our basic package PLUS we'll include ALL of the supplies and ALL of the tools you'll need to complete the training program ( $170 value! ) This package would be perfect for someone who is new to the business and just starting out as a lash artist.

And finally, We have the BUSINESS Package. This is another Upgrade, and for Just $100 more than the PRO package you will get $500 worth of tools and supplies, which includes our Goldlashbar signature 20 line lash trays, Upgraded Premium Goldlashbar tools and lash supplies, with enough extra products leftover to use for practicing on your live models once you've completed your training. AND on top of all that you'll get a copy of our 185 page Eyelash Extension Training Manual ( and extra $59 value ) All that really makes this a "Ready to start your own BUSINESS PACKAGE"

THATS NOT ALL as an added BONUS everyone who purchases the glb online training program will also get a LIFETIME discount on ALL your Goldlashbar product purchases in the future.



 *PRO Package Includes the following:

  1. Mannequin Head
  2. 3 pairs of Tweezers
  3. Two types of Lashboxes (0.07thickness and 0.15 (0.20) thickness lashes )
  4. Lash Shampoo (+Brush)
  5. Glue
  6. Jadestone
  7. Glue remover
  8. Micropore Tape
  9. Transpore Tape
  10. 5 pairs of Eyepatches
  11. Practice Sponges (variety pack)
  12. Air blower
  13. GLB Cleaning Kit (mascara brushes (x 3), doe-foot applicators (x 3), micro brushes (x 3)

Total Value. $170 which is included for FREE when you purchase GLB Online Training Program "PRO Package"​ for $799.00



**BUSINESS package Includes the following:

  1. Mannequin Head
  2. 3 pairs of Tweezers
  3. Alcohol Patches (x10) for sanitizing tools
  4. Two types of 20 Line Lashboxes (0.07thickness and 0.15 or 0.20 thickness lashes )
  5. 10 Paper Masks
  6. Lash Shampoo (+ Brush for Advanced course)
  7. Distilled Water for rinsing eyelashes (for Advanced Course)
  8. GLB Consent Form (in GLB textbook and PDF)
  9. GLB Fast Dry Glue
  10. Travel Palette
  11. GLB Glue Remover (For advanced course)
  12. Micropore Tape
  13. Transpore Tape
  14. 10 pairs of Eyepatches
  15. Head Towel
  16. Practice Sponges (variety pack)
  17. Scissors
  18. USB Mini Fan
  19. Micro brushes (x 50)
  20. Doe-foot Applicators (x 50)
  21. Lip masks (x 5)
  22. GLB Eyelash Extension Training Manual  ($59 value)

Total Value $500 which is included when you purchase GLB Online Training Program "BUSINESS package" for $899.00


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