CLASSIC (1 on 1 lash technique)

HALF (80 lashes)-~-~-~-~-~ $45 (Jr.) $55 (Master)

FULL (140 lashes)-~-~-~-~-~$70 (Jr.) $80 (Master)

GLAM (200 lashes)-~-~-~-~-~$80 (Jr.) $90 (Master)

RUSSIAN VOL (Ultra thin fluffy volume lash fans {3-6 on 1 lash technique})

HALF (350 lashes) -~-~-~-~-~ $90

FULL (550 lashes) -~-~-~-~-~ $120 / fills $90

GLAM (800 lashes) -~-~-~-~-~ $160 / fills $120

MEGA (1000 lashes) -~-~-~-~-~$200 / fills $160



At Gold Lash Bar we offer high quality, individual Eyelash Extensions in Classic and Russian Volume applications. Our lash Eyelash Extensions look, feel and wear just like your own beautiful, natural eyelashes with many options available like: Casual, Natural, Volume, Dramatic and even an Intense look.. ( created using synthetic mink B curl, C-curl, and D curl eyelash extensions )

Available from 8mm to 16mm in length. Every single lash extension is applied directly to one of your own natural eyelashes with absolute care and precision, in a safe, clean environment.  Eyelash Extensions enhance the features of your eyes to help you look and feel beautiful everyday. Fuller and longer lashes will enhance your femininity, which helps to create that perfect first impression. You'll wake up feeling beautiful and you'll even save time in the morning not h

To schedule an appointment with Rachael Kado or one of our GOLDLASHBAR educated and certified lash technicians please proceed to our "BOOK AN APPOINTMENT" page and begin by choosing the service you wish to receive. We look forward to meeting you and we hope you have a wonderful experience with us. Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED.



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