Eyelash Extension Training Manual

We wanted to write this book for ALL the wonderful Eyelash Technicians out there who have devoted their time and energy into leaving a lasting impression on someone else's life. We often forget how simple it can be to help make someone truly feel beautiful.  As far as our business is concerned, we can honestly say that it wasn't just about the money, it was more about the feeling we get when our clients look in the mirror for the first time after their application and they realize how beautiful their eyelashes are. That right there is why we love this job, and the reason we wrote the Eyelash Extension Training Manual.  We want to help other lash artist achieve the same feelings! Now you too can help many more women (and men) feel beautiful, and you can do it with confidence knowing you have the this knowledge within your grasp!

The Eyelash Extension Training Manual is a fairly big 8.5" wide x 11" tall with 185 full color pages. "This is an eyelash extension information goldmine!" In our Training Manual, we break down all the different eyelash extension application techniques, as well as the importance of the consultation process, some of the potential health risks including eye diseases and how to prevent the spread of infection. There is some great information regarding the Aftercare process and what the client can do to ensure maximum lash retention. Some other topics include, building relationships with your clients, troubleshooting and how to care for a client who returns with a severe allergic reaction.
This Eyelash Extension Training Manual has the most up to date, useful and important information pertaining to the eyelash extension industry. A great book to have around at home or in the salon, just in case!

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