Marvelous March ..continued. The Aftercare Process.

Ok. So, we kinda felt bad about using our Marvelous march Blog post to help  promote our new Goldlash-Bucks Gift certificates, But now that's taken care of, we've decided to ad in a Bonus Blog about the Eyelash Extension Aftercare Process and what you can do to protect your Eyelash Extension investment once you get it home! :)

First things first. DO NOT, do not, DO NOT get your new eyelash extensions wet within the first 24 hours minimum, after your application. Try to have your shower right BEFORE your lash application that way you will still be clean for at least 24 hours afterwards. You must also AVOID: Steam Rooms, Saunas, Hot tubs, Swimming Pools, Going to the gym, and /or Excessive Sweating, for at least 24 hours after the application. If the glue does not have a chance to set before it gets wet, the lifespan of your eyelash extensions will be significantly reduced. 

DO NOT use Oil-Based Products anywhere near your eyes, this means NO eye creams, or waterproof mascaras.NO EXCEPTIONS... YOU MUST ONLY USE WATER BASED mascaras or makeup removers.

DO NOT Perm, Tint, or use an Eyelash Curler on your Eyelash Extensions.

YOU SHOULD AVOID Pulling,Twisting, or rubbing your Eyelash Extensions. If you develop a temporary itch, you can carefully rub your eyelid with the pad of your finger to gently sooth the itch. If done correctly, Eyelash Extensions are glued directly to your natural eyelash hairs (as an extension of the hair) and not glued to the skin. However, if you can feel a pulling sensation, your new eyelash extensions are constantly itchy, or you notice an eyelash extension is glued to  your skin, you should go to the person or place you had them done and have them removed as soon as possible to avoid doing potential permanent damage to your natural lashes or the sensitive skin around your eyelids. DO NOT try and pull them out yourself, if you do, you will end up with bald eyelids. Trust me, you don't want to have bald eyelids. :/ Go and see another lash tech if you don't want to go back to where you started.

To Extend the life of your eyelash extensions you should also keep them clean and free from any contaminants or dust/foreign objects that could end up getting stuck in between your lashes. The safest and easiest way to clean your eyelash extensions is to mix 8 parts distilled water : into 1 part baby shampoo or other mild water based cleanser in a foaming dispenser, dispense on a makeup brush or lash wand and gently brush the cleaner through your lashes, carefully cleaning each side as best as you can, no need to rush, so just take your time and ensure you do a good job. Remember, clean lashes equals healthy, long lasting lashes!

Lastly, you should always make an effort to go see your lash artist every 2 - 3 weeks for fills to keep your extensions looking fluffy and fabulous!

Another thing to remember is your eyelashes will shed approximately 2 - 5 lashes per day, so don't worry if you see an extension fall out here and there.





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